Ms Freya

Chastity Keyholding

Whether you're new to chastity or it's part of your everyday life, it can be a bit lacking on your own. 

I will hold your key and take control of your manhood, and in doing so, your whole world. Every time you wake up with an attempted erection, you will feel my power over you. Every time you shower, you will be reminded of your subservience. I will text you regularly to check in with you, tease you mercilessly, and give you the denied experience you so desperately crave. 

A dynamic will be negotiated and agreed on, this may be total chastity and complete denial, or it may involve specific edging times. I am also not against very rare orgasms if that's what we have negotiated and I feel you have earned the right to have one.  I can also advise on choosing a suitable cage or device.

 I expect you to unlock regularly to wash and maintain good hygiene. For this reason, and for unforseen emergenies you need to keep one of the keys. But I strongly suggest you keep it frozen in a tub of water in the freezer so that you're not too tempted...!

Alternatively, there's a new device on the market called the Cell Mate, which allows for remote keyholding via an app. So you really wouldn't be able to get out of it without my agreement. 

Locked, helpless, denied, and begging for release. Delicious. I absolutely adore the way the male personality changes while locked. My subs, slaves and underlings become so much more attentive, empathetic and endearing. Taking their sexual pleasure out of the equation gives a D/s dynamic a wonderful purity that I find intoxicating. 

My tribute for keyholding is £50 a week, or £150 a month. This involves a lot of communication and I expect to foster a healthy, communicative, mutually beneficial D/s dynamic. It will take  up a significant amount of my time, so I charge accordingly. I want both of us to have the most rewarding, fulfilling experience possible.

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